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24 February 2016:

The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman

Approved New Design of bills for Electricity consumption

The Authority for Electricity Regulation has approved new design of bills for electricity consumption to be issued by the licensed distribution and supply companies (Muscat Electricity Distribution co, Majan Electricity Distribution co, Mazoon Electricity Distribution co, the Rural Areas Electricity co and Dhofar Power co). The new design is made in coordination with the said companies.

The new design of bills aims at the provision of basic information to the customer in a more clear way to facilitate the easy reading of the said bills. Moreover, the newly designed bills will include more information which concerns the customer and is provided in a simple manner.   

On this subject the executive director of the Authority Mr. Qais AlZakwani stated that:

"The Authority is working hard to raise the performance standard of the companies operating in the electricity sector in order to serve the interests of the customers in the best possible way taking into consideration the complaints and observations submitted by them.

The main target of the new design of the bills is the provision of information regarding the quantity of consumption in a clear and adequate manner, in addition to the clarification of the rights of the customers and their obligations in respect of the payment of their bills during the specified period. We hope that the provided information will show the pattern of consumption and will enable the customer to use electricity in an efficient way which will contribute to the efficient use of the sources of energy and help in the preservation of these sources for the future generations, in addition to the reduction of the investments required for the execution of new projects and to direct the same for the promotion of the quality of service. 

In this context the Authority gave clear instructions to the distribution companies regarding the type of information to be included in the bill to be provided to the customer. Also the Authority urges the distribution companies to adopt the new technologies for the communication with the customers for the delivery of their bills on the specified time.

The new design of bills will provide information regarding the recorded reading of the customer at present and the previous reading and the period between the two readings for the calculation of the cost of consumption so that the customer is made aware of the same. Moreover the amount of the subsidy provided by the government for the said consumption will be shown on the bill.

We would like to confirm that the new design of the bills don't mean any change of the tariff for the supply of electricity to customers, it is only a change to the form and content of the bills.
The Authority would like to thank the sector companies for their efforts to promote the standard of services provided to the customers and their continuous work in this regard which will contribute to the provision of better services and will address the issues which are usually raised by the customers in their complaints."